Google is the search engine world No. 1, which attracts billions of searches each day. In addition to basic web search, Google Search also provides 22 other free services, Google Adwords is one of them, which is used for advertising service. Thanks to the advantages of Google Adwords, ads on Google are very attractive to customers and play important role as a bridge, which helps to deliver product information to potential customers in the quickest way.

What is Google Adwords?

google_advertising_process_flowAdwords is an acronym for “Advertisement keywords”. Adwords is Google’s online advertising platform, which is performed on search engines and other webs that Google system link to, so it helps to drive interested people to your website. Adwords is the main source of Google revenue, which brings more than 90% of the profits for Google Inc. Google provides advertising solutions for customer by various types of payment with three main forms:

  • Keyword advertising on search engines.
  • Keyword advertising on the websites.
  • Banner ads on websites.

Users can change types of payment anytime. Depending on the goals of each ads, users can adjust the payment plans to fit with company budget.

Google Adwords is a great advertising tool due to its ability of “understand” advertising, identifying proper target groups in advertising, and helping customer in maximizing advertising effectiveness by following mechanisms:

  • Display ads in certain time periods.
  • Display advertising messages according to choose the right keywords.
  • Display ads by regional, national or even global.
  • Norm advertising budget by day, by stages.

Thanks to the extremely versatile ability to customize ads, Google Adwords is the top choice in the advertising campaign of many enterprises.

Let’s say you sell Hemorrhoids Treatments and Hemorrhoids Diet Supplements, your ad might appear on sites that discussed Hemorrhoids disease symptoms, Hemorrhoids diet and related topics. Anyone browsing the web for Hemorrhoids diet information, or Hemorrhoids symptoms and learning about Hemorrhoids may be interested in buying Hemorrhoids treatments from your site, if your ad site provides relevant content, and good information that they are looking for and ranks in the first page, where they can see your ads at the first sight. If your ad is not ranked in the top 8 ads, your ad will be out of customer’s sight. To know more how Google Adword payment plan, how it works with your goals and how your ad is ranked, please see my previous blog!

In this blog, I will dive deeper in how Google Adwords work and how we apply it to business.

First of all, we will learn about how to navigate Adwords account. There are 6 main tabs in Adwords account:

1. Home: This contains your Account Snapshot page, an easy-to-read summary of important account information.

2. Campaigns: Here’s where you’ll spend most of your time when you’re managing your AdWords account. You can create and edit campaigns, ads, keywords, and campaign settings. In the performance summary graphs at the top of the page, you’ll see an overview of how your campaigns are performing. You can also download the tables containing your performance.

3. Opportunities: Find keyword, bid, and budget ideas that can help improve your campaign performance.

4. Tools and Analysis: Find account tools that will help you manage and improve your account. Use advanced reporting tools to locate potential issues and fix them before they become issues.
5. Billing: Enter and change your billing details, see your entire billing history, and print invoices.
6. My account: Control your personal information, such as your sign-in information and user preferences. If you choose to, you can use this tab to invite a friend or colleague to manage your AdWords account.

Good account organization helps you make changes quickly, target your ads effectively, and, ultimately, reach more of your advertising goals. Here are 4 tips for success in organizing your account:

  • Split Up Your Campaigns & Ad Groups

Let’s think about Chaebols conglomerate of South Korea, or Keiretsu conglomerate of Japan! These conglomerates use pyramid structure to build strong empire, control over operating enterprises, get all power of market and wipe out competitors. The more tiers to the pyramid, the larger power of control the market.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.22.05 AM This mechanism works the same for your Adwords campaign. Stop bundling all of your keywords into one campaign and one ad group! The biggest mistake that most of marketers make is using one campaign, one ad group, and 100+ key-terms with only one ad. Google’s structure is hierarchical, allowing easy, precise management of your keywords. Campaigns allow you to manage a number of Ad Groups, and ad groups allow you to manage the specific ads for a particular set of key terms. The more group ads that you have, the more chances your customers will see your ads.

This is the example that I make for Hemorrhoids Treatments and Hemorrhoids Diet Supplements ad campaigns. Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 1.44.47 AM

  • Create Extremely Specific Ads, Match Your Ads to Your Terms

Leverage Google’s specificity! To run a successful AdWords account you must take advantage of Google’s specificity. Do you remember the long tail keywords in organic search? With paid search, it does not really different. If your ad is too general, you will get nothing. If you want to get more people to actually click, you have to try to split up your campaigns, ad groups and keywords as much as you can. It means you may have a lot more ad groups and campaigns to monitor and manage, but the results will be well worth your time and

  • Create Specific Keywords, Ad Text and Landing Pages for Each Ad Group

Ad Text is the actual text that will appear when your ad is triggered. Each ad group should have 2-3 ads per ads per group directing to the same landing page. You have to make sure that each ad directs to an extremely relevant page, which reflects not only the keywords you’re bidding on within that ad group, but also the ad text displaying in the search engine results page. Landing page relevancy and optimization are critical to see success with PPC.


  • Stay Up-To-Date, Use Google’s Help Resources

One of the best things about Google AdWords is constantly evolving new features including mobile ads, image ads, video ads, keyword tools etc. Try to maximize all functions that Google Adwords offering to get the best results!

With a well-structured account, you can determine which ads are creating the optimal conversions (like sales or leads) and traffic, monitor changes easily, have better control over budgets and costs, locate specific keywords quickly and manage and edit your campaigns easily. There are a lot of effort to build effective campaign and deliver it to potential customers. Therefore, you have to know how to build profitable Google Adwords account and stay profitable. Google AdWords is harder than you think. Yes, it is! However, be patient! Your hard work will pay off!