Search Engines Optimized (SEO) is not an unfamiliar terminology to people nowadays. Instead, it becomes indispensable thing in our life. For those who have no ideas about “Search Engines Optimized”, but if I mention “Google”, you surely know it. Google is one of giants in  Search Engines Optimized industry. Besides Google, Bing and Yahoo are also leaders in searching engines.

We have thousand of reasons to use Google everyday. To me, apart from searching, I use Google to check my grammar spelling. It sounds awkward, huh? For example, when I confuse between “everyone use” or “everyone uses”, I just simply type “everyone use”. Then, the list will drop down, likes below image. Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.31.48 PM

It shows the most phrases that people search for. By looking at it, I know the answer, “everyone” go with “uses”. That is just a small funny function of Google that I demonstrate. More importantly, the point of Google is helping people find exactly the content that they want to find.

Previously, I thought that to have high ranking in Google, you have to pay a lot of money to Google. After diving deeper to SEO, I know that I was partially wrong. Can we pay to get higher rankings? Yes! We called it “black hats” tactic, and it is unethical action.

For the rest of this blog, I will show you basic principles of SEO (what SEO is, how it works, and tactics to get high ranking) and what MOZ can do for your business. In addition, I will only show you “white hats” tactics, which can help your pages rank higher in ethical ways.

Let’s imagine that you are a world librarian, and you manage all the books in the world. People come to you every second to find the book that they need. You need to know what the content of every book is and how books relate to each other, so you can recommend your customer right books. How can you help them to find the right one? Of course, it is impossible to read all the books.


That is the way SEO do. SEO works as a scanner system. Search engines like Google and Bing are the librarians on the Internet. Their systems collect information about every page on the web, so they can help people find exactly what they are looking for in every search.

However, there are tons of tons information in the “universal internet”. How can they grab the right content and deliver to you best answers? The engines employ mathematical equations (algorithms) to sort the content from the book (relevance), and then to rank the content in order of quality (popularity). When your pages get higher rankings, it means that more people can see your pages.

These algorithms often comprise hundreds of variables. In the search marketing field, we refer to them as “ranking factors.” Moz crafted a resource specifically on this subject: Search Engine Ranking Factors.

  • Page Link Authority FeaturesHow-Search-Works-is-Googles-visual-presentation-of-the-most-kept-secret-on-the-internet-and-the-machine-that-made-Google-the-tycoon-it-is-The-Google-search-engine.
  • Page Level Social
  • Page Level Anchor Text
  • Page Keyword Usage
  • Page Keyword Agnostic
  • Domain Link Authority Features
  • Domain Level Anchor Text
  • Domain Keyword Usage
  • Domain Keyword Agnostic
  • Brand Metrics

What SEO means to us, as marketers?

According to HubSpot, SEO is defined:

SEO is the process of improving your website so that it attracts more visitors from search engines.

Websites compete for attention and placement in the search engines, and those with the knowledge and experience to improve their website’s ranking will receive the benefits of increased traffic and visibility. My goal is helping our business website to be in the top of results by creating most relevant, useful, and trustworthy contents to answers customer’s questions.

After doing some research and study material, I realize that three following techniques significantly contribute to the increasing rankings of business website.

1.   Keyword

Gold Key With KeywordsText As Symbol For SEO Or SearchingKeyword occupy an important position in your website ranking. The more keyword that your content match with your buyer personas searching, the higher your website rank. Therefore, you have to create content which contains the keywords that your customer search for.

Things to do:

  • Make a list of keywords your buyer personas would search for.
  • Mimic the language that your buyer personas use.
  • Expand that list by searching the web for alternatives
  • Determine which keywords people are using to find your site.
  • Analyze your competitors’ websites for keywords
  • Access keyword performance metrics at glance
  • Keyword data matching with page elements
  • Using long-tail keyword. (Long-tail keyword is easier to rank for because it’s more specific and targeted, so you would have the best opportunity to rank for. )
  • Let your language flow naturally.

Things should not do:

  • Repeat the keywords as many times as possible.
  • Using short or broad keyword. (Because it is very general, so it’s harder to rank and to compete with other competitors around it.)


2.  Optimizing content around a primary keyword.

Next important step that you should pay attention to is optimizing content around a primary keyword.

Where should you place the primary keyword?

  • Page title
  • URL
  • Body
  • Headers
  • Image alt-text
  • Meta description (Each page should have a unique short meta description.)

3.  Link Building

Link-building.jpg&w=770&h=312&zc=1Finally, the way to earning links to your content is adding hyperlink text with keywords that you’d like to rank for. Linking to relevant, and reliable sources help build the trustworthiness of your site. Don’t go overboard – link to one or two sources per paragraph at the very most. You don’t want your page to look spammy!

What benefits that Link Building bring to your business?

  • Building Relationships
  • Sending Referral Traffic
  • Brand Building

The smart way to build links in your content are:

  • Links to your homepage
  • Links to “deep” pages (such as product or category pages)
  • Links containing your brand / company name
  • Links containing the keywords you’re targeting

Last but not least, the crucial point is checking. You have to check your links regularly to make sure there are no broken links that you customers cannot access.

To reduce burdens for marketers, MOZ provides software and subscription services for companies that want to top their next set of web search results.seomoz

  • Just with 99$/ month, Moz Pro Subscription offers 12+ tools—including Moz Analytics, Open Site Explorer, Followerwonk, and more—to track and improve your SEO, social, branding, link building, and content marketing efforts. It helps marketers saving time by giving an all-in-one set of SEO research and analytics tools that help increase search engine visibility and keep business websites ahead of their competitors. Moz Pro is backed by industry-leading data and the largest community of SEOs on the planet.
  • Managing more than 100 locations? No problem. Only with $84 per location, MOZ improves visibility online at a price that works for your business. Consistent, visible local business listings across the web—and the reporting to prove it. MOZ ensures accurate, consistent, and visible listing information for multiple business locations takes time.

MOZ software and subscription are powerful tools for all kinds of businesses, from small business to large firms, and to multinational firms.

As human beings, we sometimes have mistakes. The common mistakes in SEO is choosing wrong keywords. Besides MOZ, HubSpot also a great tool that business can use due to its HubSpot’s Link Grader function. (Please check my previous blog to know more about HubSpot service! )

There is over 90% of internet users use search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc … With hundreds of millions or even billions of websites on the internet, how can customers find your website but not the website of the competitors?  Notice that no users have patience see results up to 3 pages (each page displays 10 results) after performing a search on a search engine. The answers for your business is absolute SEO. Let’s implement your SEO strategy to solve your problems!